the okay project
the okay project

After spending a lot of time on (a site where broken people can anonymously post their secrets), we realized that these people need someone to talk to, instead of just posting on a wall. These people are struggling with abuse (both mental and physical), self-injury, rape, depression, death, and just plain loneliness. If you need to vent, share a secret, confide in someone, etc., we are here to listen. Whether you have problems with identity, self harm, depression, school work, family, eating disorders, or anything else, we are here for you.

Send any emails to:
Once your email is received, you will be directed to an individual member of The Okay Project that you can talk to. :)

"hope shines brightest in the darkest moments"

*disclaimer: we are not, nor do we claim to be, professionals. we are just a group of people who want to listen to and try to comfort and help others.

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the truth

the truth

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    so many truths about so many people. The sad thing is that most of them don’t know it. I wish they did.
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